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ESB New Years 2022


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"Their shows are high energy and driven – powerful affairs that carry the audience through a full-range of emotions and often force the fans to look inward throughout – while still filling the building with love, acceptance, and hope."

-Caleb Calhoun

Empire Strikes Brass is a dynamic BrassFunkRock band hailing from Asheville, North Carolina. Their music resonates with a powerful message delivered through a captivating and larger-than-life sound. Fueled by a thumping rhythm section that sets the groove, the band's rich horn arrangements, performed by a robust horn section, add an extra layer of depth to both their original compositions and compelling covers, showcasing the evolution of ESB.


Formed in 2012, Empire Strikes Brass started as a group of friends who loved playing New Orleans-inspired second-line and funk tunes infused with elements of rock and jam. Over time, they have transformed into a collective of incredibly talented musicians, singers, songwriters, and producers. The result is a fresh and authentic sound that seamlessly combines their diverse musical influences while staying true to their roots.


The band boasts a remarkable lineup of artists, each bringing their own unique contribution to the table. From the rich vocals, and harmonious saxophone of Grammy Award-winning artist Debrissa McKinney (known for her work with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo) to the masterful keyboard and production skills of Lenny Pettinelli, the thunderous beats of drummer Nik Hope, the solid bass lines of JP Furnas, the melodic guitar riffs of Chris Porter, the soulful trumpet sounds of Alex Bradley, and the sky high notes of Tim Morgan on trumpet, the smooth trombone of Jacob Bruner, the vibrant saxophone of Pauly Juhl, and the versatile keyboard and percussion talents of Sean Donnelly, every member of ESB plays a crucial role in the band's success.


Since their inception, Empire Strikes Brass has become a staple at various festivals across the USA, leaving a lasting impression with their infectious energy and electrifying performances. Their horn section has also had the honor of sharing the stage with esteemed acts like Shpongle Live Band, Umphrey's McGee, Papadosio, and many more iconic names in the funk and jam scene.


Whether performing live or working on their studio recordings, Empire Strikes Brass emanates a strength and cohesiveness that is undeniable. Their debut album, "Theme For A Celebration," was recorded at the renowned Echo Mountain Recording Studio in Asheville and received acclaim as one of the top 100 releases of the year by WNCW 88.7 radio in 2017. Following that success, their fierce follow-up release, "Brassterpiece Theatre" (2019), was also recorded at Echo, showcasing their continued growth and artistic prowess. Both albums are available on all major music distribution, streaming, sales, and listening platforms, allowing listeners to experience the band's exceptional musicality.


As they continue to tour and captivate audiences, Empire Strikes Brass is diligently working on their highly anticipated third studio album. Between shows, they are crafting and mastering new sounds that will undoubtedly leave their fans craving for more. Keep an eye out for this remarkable band on the road and at festivals near you. Their unforgettable performances are not to be missed.

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